CSR Activities

We make a living, by what we get, We make a life by what we give.

We have involved in various social activities directly and in directly with participation, donations and spreading awareness. Over the years we have been fortunate to have been able to give back to the society and country on the whole in our small yet meaningful efforts. Some of our past and on-going efforts are as listed below.

Organizing Blood Donation Camps

Organizing blood donation camps is the perfect way to cater to the demand of blood. Each person can  contribute towards the society and save lives. Over the years we have been actively organizing Blood
Donation Camps through various agencies with the belief of giving back to the society and playing our small but important part in saving lives of those in need.

Eye Check-up Camp

We have been organizing free eye check-up camps for the underprivileged and providing medical assistance for simple procedures. The eye-check up camp is usually coupled with distribution of free spectacles for the senior citizens. We aim to continue working towards betterment of the Society with the same energy and passion as we have done so far.

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Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Being ardent supporters of Shri. Narendra Modiji's campaign of 'Swach Bharat', we have not only personally been involved but also made donation of cleaning equipment and spreading awareness. In our Awareness drive we have been sharing knowledge about  easy and eco-friendly ways of garbage disposal and waste management within our households and the societies; things like separation of wet and dry garbage, recycling material which can be used, reduction in use of plastic bags etc. Our drive has been well appreciated and received we the satisfaction of making a difference.


Many of our country's issues and problems find their roots in lack of education. Lack of education is caused by not being in position to afford it and ignorance. We have been involved in providing educational aids and fees for underprivileged children who have the desire to learn but cannot afford due to family conditions. Our Projects involve distribution of school bags, stationery and study material to these students along with providing financial aid. We also have been involved in spreading awareness about female education and the fact how a literate woman can manage herself better and can guide her children. We firmly believe that generating awareness about education and making conditions suitable for all sectors to be literate is the way forward in taking our country to the glory it deserves.

Our Recent Work

All profits earned from movie to be donated to 'Akhil Bhartiya Shree Swami Samarth Seva Kendra,  Dindori Pranit, Nashik, Maharashtra' for construction of super specialty Cancer Hospital in remote area of Nasik District especially for underpriviliged, farmers and adivasis. Free Medical aid will be provided to those in need.


Unemployment is a curse for an educated person. We have been tackling the issue of employment in two ways. First and foremost making the youth self-reliant with training programs to enhance their skills and helping them find a suitable job. Secondly providing financial aid to youths to set up their own small businesses like Xerox – STD shops, Garage etc; encouraging entrepreneurs in a good way to generate more jobs through his / her enterprise.

Service to Handicapped

People who have been unfortunately handicapped at birth or by accident have a natural disadvantage when it comes to usual affairs. We have been involved in providing our friends with support in a small way by donating wheelchairs, donation for building ramp at institutes and private societies, distribution of custom cycles. We have also been spreading awareness about equal opportunity employment and making work spaces friendly for all.

Senior Citizens

Respect for elders is our philosophy being an Indian. We have been involved in various efforts as a service to our senior citizens; Donation of books and day-today articles to Old Age homes, Organizing free medical check-up camps for Senior Citizens, Provision of financial aid for medical procedures here required, Donation of park benches to societies.

Fund Donation

Service to needy people

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The Samarth Group, based in Pune, is a realty developer of repute with stakes in residential, commercial and IT-ITES segments of construction. Over the years, we have undertaken massive land development projects, which have been well received by our customers. We also have an interest in developing bungalow and farmhouse plots around the city.

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